Accept Changes Gracefully

Changes bring with them fresh opportunities to enhance the quality of life.
Accept Changes Gracefully
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Changes are the spice of life; they help to bring about new opportunities, newer energies that promote new beliefs and ideologies about life. Without changes, life would become static. And anything that is static loses its momentum to maintain perfection and purity. This could prove to be disastrous to one’s peace and happiness. Changes are the means to progression.

People who are habituated to living monotonous lives for decades on end usually look upon changes with a critical eye. Instead of befriending them with joy, they feel threatened of being uprooted from their comfort zone, which, in all probability, is filled

with problems and ordeals. Yet, these are their comforts of life as per their perception towards life. This is because, over a long period of time they have come to embrace their discomforts, and sought refuge in these against the onslaughts of life. They have thus found their misplaced sense of peace in their negative habitat to which they cling so passionately.

Fear of facing new difficulties, unfamiliar to them, and having to go through a whole new phase of adjustment with the new changes

makes them apprehensive. With that, they do all that they can to resist the changes in life, thus missing out on the opportunities of greater abundance that the Universe bestows upon us relentlessly. The resistance creates a sense of strife within them, and with that, they sink deeper into their refuge.

Life moves on nevertheless, with or without them. Those willing to move with the tides of Life lead a happy and positive life. They are joyful to look forward to life’s surprises. They are filled with optimism and are light-hearted since they have no burdens of their ordeals to tote around with. They allow the winds of time to carry away all that is cumbersome in their lives, thus leaving them happy and carefree. They have no dark cavities to escape to; they love the Light, and thrive in fresh air that is pregnant with the empowering energies of the Universe. The radiance of health and beauty that they emit is proof enough that they are truly blessed. 

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I am a spiritualist and a freelance writer. I deal with topics of spirituality and life-teachings. I use creative writing to spread spiritual knowledge to the masses and illumine their minds on the unseen realities.

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  • nbillett  21-09-2018
    Indeed the only constant in life is change. It is a natural reaction to fear change. We fear stepping into the unknown. We like to know all the outcomes before they happen. We fear being uncomfortable. However, we should not live our lives in such a fear because it is crippling. It holds us back.
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  • angelite9  20-07-2017
    Thanks Anusha for your feedback. Appreciate it.
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  • anusha  20-07-2017
    There is a great saying, Change is the only Constant in Life. We have to accept this, and also that we would simply stop growing if we were to become static, with no changes in a life that would be a monotonous affair with no fun, no surprises at all. Of course, not each of these changes would be a good one, but hey, if they were all good changes, we wouldn't value them. Awesome writing. Great post.
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