Music For The Soul

Cultivate the taste of good music for spiritual healing of your body, mind and soul. Refrain from listening to hard rock. This is offensive to your soul. It is the result of all kinds of problems within you and in your life.
Music for the Soul
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Every soul needs music in life. But then what kind of music does it take for your soul to thrive and prosper in the matter world? Let us examine what goes into the making of music. Again as with all other things the word music is used very flippantly, and is erroneously related to all the noise and clatter that people generate with their musical instruments, creating a cacophony of sounds that jar the finer senses and cause disturbance within the subtle bodies, displacing them from their harmonious relations with the Universal music.

Music is the composition of notes that are

in perfect harmony with each other to create pleasing sounds and melody accompanied with perfect rhythm and harmony. It produces a soothing effect to the soul, elevating it to higher vibrations, causing a thrill in your four lower bodies, inspiring, and filling you with deep inner peace. A good composition when played with the full orchestra create beautiful etheric forms and structures that are in perfect symmetry, rising high above the music halls as well as the building itself in which the music is being played. Good music has the power to purify the atmosphere around you; it has a healing effect upon your body, mind and soul. This is why soft, soothing melodies are used for the infants and babies all over the world, like lullabies and nursery songs. Soft music pacifies their souls and lulls them to peaceful sleep.

Harsh sounds produce very distorted and hideous forms. Many a spiritually sensitive person finds this kind of music repulsive; it causes uneasiness and headaches at the physical level as the dense vibrations cause friction with the finer vibrations of the spiritually-elevated people. When you listen to good music you are in sync with the Universe. The higher vibrations elevate your mind. Hard rock and heavy metal that typify cacophony are sounds of the lower spheres of existence where harmony and melody are distorted and backed by the pounding beats as if in defiance to the harmonious Laws of the Universe. It is the music of the fallen consciousness. This kind of “music” gives vent to a lot of anger and rebellion that is within the youth, and serves as a perfect channel through which the dark forces can gain access into the human psyche. The dark forces use every ruse in the book to promote evil in the world. Young, impressionable minds are easy to manipulate and the evil has used the younger generation to do just that by making them

believe that it is very “cool” to live in defiance to all that is divine and harmonious.

This is evident in the demeanour of those who idolise this genre of “music”; they are often rebellious and defiant in their perspective towards life in general. These ones are unable to appreciate the finer things in life, and are cynical about all that is good and divine. When the mind is warped and out of alignment with all that is perfect and good, the person fails to differentiate the good from the bad. As a result, beauty and style is related to all that is gross, offensive and hideous. And to justify this they are contemptuous of those who live in harmony with the cosmic energies and label them as outmoded. This is exemplified in their clothes that they wear, for example: torn jeans, revealing clothes, T-shirts displaying perverted messages and gory images of monsters and skulls, even their own rooms where they sleep are done up with posters and pictures that are not in the light of spirituality, thus building up a very negative atmosphere in their hearts and homes as well. This way one breaks off the connection with the divine Source in order to join hands with the evil; it helps strengthen the force of the evil so that it can continue to wreak havoc in the world.

The belief that in order to prove yourself modern and trendy you need to be different from the older generation is the belief instilled in the youth by the dark ones. Nothing can be so detrimental to the physical and spiritual health of such people than having to stoop to such degradation in order to prove yourself “different” or more “reformed” (or should we say “deformed”?) than those of the previous generation. From a higher perspective this kind of sophistication is not uplifting but pushes man into the lower levels of consciousness where little or no light penetrates, so that he has an aversion to all that is of the Light. These gullible ones are entrapped in the web laid out by the dark forces, and are to be pitied rather than condemned. They need spiritual healing in order to set them free from the compelling energies that confine them in their self-made prisons, so that they will begin to tread the sunlit Path and lead a wholesome life.

Article Written By angelite9

I am a spiritualist and a freelance writer. I deal with topics of spirituality and life-teachings. I use creative writing to spread spiritual knowledge to the masses and illumine their minds on the unseen realities.

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  • nbillett  20-02-2017
    Sometimes I do wonder and is appalled by the vulgarity of some of the music today. Take dancehall music, a popular genre in my country. Most of the songs are filled with lewd messages and profanity. yet it is poplar among the "young generation". Many of the children know all the words to these songs and barely know anything about what they should be studying in schools.
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  • mike1983  19-02-2017
    The old Persian mystics and prophets said that all music is not of god. Believing that the Word or sound of silence is the only place to find the true self. Whether music is positive or negative it all creates a feeling inside you, a spirit just like the Christmas spirit which creates a feeling. Music is vibrational as are we, when the different vibrations of whatever music we listen too come into our body scope, it changes our vibrational level, thus we feel this. Negative music does indeed inspire bad spirits/feelings as positive music makes us tingle and feel almost navarnic. Interesting things but not balance, silence promotes true understanding and wisdom. In fact you can find the Persian and Eastern name for god in the word balance, can you see it.
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  • destinykst  19-02-2017
    Music is a part of everyone's life, we can't imagine our lives without rhythm.I love to listen silent music when I am alone ,it relaxes me and gives mental peace .But when I am with my friends I definitely love loud music to dance on its bits and it fills us with enthusiasm , generates vibrancy.Music has great power .
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    • angelite9  19-02-2017
      Sure, loud music is good for parties and celebrations; it peps up the event and gets everyone to dance. It does have the power to rev you up when you are feeling low, and clears the negative energies from your home as well. As long as it is music and not distorted noise!
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