Overcome Negativity With The Power Of Light

The Light of unconditional love has the power to smite all evil and transmute it into Light itself.
Overcome Negativity with the Power of Light
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A focused mind is closed doors to the intruding impish thoughts initiated by the evil tendencies of the ego-self. One of the most powerful ways to remain centred within yourself is meditation. Meditation helps to establish connection with the Source whereby you draw in divine energy of love and light. Meditation helps to charge your being that is being drained out on account of so much negativity all around you. It helps to develop a strong will-power and self-control. With persistent effort the destructive thoughts of hatred and jealousy will loosen its hold on your soul and eventually disappear from

your being which is then purified by the power of the Holy Spirit. With that you will discover the strength of your soul which will enable you to confront any conflict within and without.

When your heart is flooded with Light, the lurking shadows stand no chance. Shadows cannot exist in the full beam of the Light. When you have chased away the dark energies from your heart, the divine energy of Love will then fill your mind and consciousness, and set you free from all your sorrows. The abounding love of the God-spirit that flows into your heart, brings with it happiness and peace deep within you. You radiate the Light of that love onto everything that you encounter.  

It is not without reason that the Holy Prophets and Saints

throughout the ages have preached the doctrine of love and forgiveness towards your enemies. When you reach out to your rivals with love and compassion, you are directing the Light that pours forth from your heart, to them.  This helps to neutralize their negative feelings directed at you. Loving and forgiving are not qualities of timidity as is the misconception amongst the masses of lower consciousness, but stand as strong, powerful forces in the face of all adversities.

The blinding Light of love has the power to transmute all evil and negative energy into the positive energy of the Light. Moreover, it forms a protective barrier against all imperfect energies, when invoked. The forces of anti-Christ can not withstand the power of pure love. They flee from its tremendous force and radiance. When you love your enemies and forgive them, you are cleansing them of their afflictions of malignant influences and thus, helping them to stay protected against the dark forces that incite them to act malevolent against his brother. As divine beings of God, it is in order to love all friend and foe alike, with the power of your soul and help them see the Light. You thus render service not only to yourself but to everyone else as well. Service unto man is service unto God. 

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  • nbillett  21-09-2018
    Very well said. Many people do believe that forgiveness and humility are a sign of weakness. but this is not so. Forgiveness and humility are qualities of a strong person. To have such qualities is important as a Child of God and to become apart of the eternal Kingdom of God.
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  • Marie-Writes  14-07-2017
    Love and compassion certainly quieten the ego-self. I enjoy the way you write, "Impish thoughts" and "lurking shadows." Good descriptions.
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