Patience And Tolerance

In a world where you live and deal with people of all kinds of temperaments, characters and different backgrounds you need to be in charge of yourself and your emotions. If you are not anchored in Peace, you can be driven to insanity. Calm composure helps you to understand people with greater compassion.
Patience and Tolerance
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Patience and tolerance are the two important qualities that one should develop in order to enjoy peace in the midst of life’s storms. When you have mastered these qualities, you are in full control of your mind. No outside influence can then affect you. This reduces the stress levels, and life becomes tolerable. It makes a person calm and gentle; such a person radiates warmth and peace wherever he goes. The inner peace helps in harmonizing his four lower bodies so that they are tuned to perfection, and the mind is attuned to higher vibrations so that he is always

in contact with his Divine Source. Absence of patience and tolerance makes one irritable, cranky and miserable. These ones are in constant battle with life, ever resentful and never satisfied with everything that goes around them. They want to be in control the whole time for power and security. As long as they adhere to their misconceptions they will continue to suffer in life, for life’s journey is a rough one; it is for each individual to make it smooth. Anger and resentment magnify your sorrows. The only way you can ease your troubles and grievances is to acknowledge all that befalls you and then let them go in peace.

In order to develop these gems of patience and tolerance into your being, you need to be aware of your emotions and feelings consistently. How would you react if some loud jarring music disturbed your peaceful sleep? Would you start cursing and swearing, and allow the annoyance within you to disrupt your mind? That is not going to help at all; the noise will magnify to the point of driving you mad as long as your thoughts are focussed on aggravation. Try shifting your focus away from the noise; it will soon fall into background and no longer

disturb you. You cannot control or change others, for in trying to do so it is eventually you who stand to lose – you are putting up your health and sanity at stake, for you cannot change others without first transforming yourself. Find peace within before seeking outside. Give no energy to disturbing or provoking situations. This will help to preserve the Flame of Peace within your heart. Guard this Flame zealously. The moment you feel threatened by some outside provocation, go within and attend to the Flame before you start to react to petty provocations of the outside world. Know that your first priority is to protect the Flame against the lower emotions of the self, which if not under control, can snuff it out. Patience and tolerance can help you to adapt your mind to the external situations in a neutral yet harmonious way.

Accept that, which is beyond your control; with acceptance you find that you have pushed the offensive conditions into the background and out of your mind so that they can no more trouble you. You have to distance yourself from all that is aggressive, noisome and offensive if you are to enjoy peace and good health. By drawing a distance from the external factors means to give no thought, attention or energy to them. It simply means – to ignore. This is more easily done if you can engage your mind in something that is more creative and constructive for your health and well-being. A mind that is occupied in some useful or worthwhile activity has no thought or energy to give to all that is annoying and nerve-racking. This way you succeed in overpowering any kind of situation that defies the peace and harmony of your soul.  

Article Written By angelite9

I am a spiritualist and a freelance writer. I deal with topics of spirituality and life-teachings. I use creative writing to spread spiritual knowledge to the masses and illumine their minds on the unseen realities.

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  • nbillett  21-09-2018
    Our world has become very noisy. Noise pollution abounds everywhere. I live in a community where boom boxes are very popular. Patrons will play their music very loudly. Weekends are the usual and most common times when patrons gather to play, dance and eat to the music. Many times the music begins early after afternoon and goes right up until dawn the next morning. Without a doubt it is a nuisance.
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  • ilovegemni110  28-03-2017
    Many more passing time, we have been listening regarding says from elders patience and tolerance is like waiting for ourselves death turn when it happens and when it comes to fetch us to grave? But we have created short cut ways to reach at our own lose.
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  • destinykst  26-03-2017
    Nice article. Patience and Tolerance are indeed the most important attributes to lead a peaceful life.They enhances our capacity to accept delays and value differences and help us to enrich ourselves with such fine qualities.
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    • angelite9  26-03-2017
      Thank you, destinykst for your comment. Yes. With Patience and Tolerance we can move around in life with more in control of ourselves, which can help us to handle all situations with a positive mind-set.
  • angelite9  20-03-2017
    Thank you Francesca Etheart 82 for your comment. I am glad you liked the article. Yes indeed the world would be a terrible bore if we lived without meeting challenging people and situations. In fact, these are our props upon which we test our spiritual strength. And we can refine ourselves only if we are willing to learn from the lessons that they bring us.
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  • Hello! Great article, I think patience and tolerance are two great attributes one must have. I agree with you if you're not tolerant and patient you will go insane. For instance throughout your day you will have many people who will test your patience it's up to you whether to react or not. I myself am very patient and sensitive to other peoples personalities. I understand we all are different which is great other wise this world would be so boring. Overall your article was factual and good. Thanks for sharing, Francesca
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  • angelite9  18-03-2017
    Thank you for your comment, mmwriter. Yes most of the people lead very stressful lives ... Parents are too busy making money and nurturing their careers at the cost of their children's moral values. Life-teachings should be mandatory in schools so that children grow up mentally and spiritually stronger.
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  • mmwriter  18-03-2017
    Very usefull information and rightly pointed that Patience and Tolerance are the foundation pillars for leading a peaceful life. But these are not being taught by the present day parents. So you find that the present young men & women lead a unhappy life.
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  • angelite9  18-03-2017
    Thank you ilovegemni110 for your comment. Indeed, prayers have the power to keep you protected against all that is not of the Light. A mind that is healthfully engaged at all times is a deterrent to the negative elements.
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  • ilovegemni110  17-03-2017
    Useful article however there are giant problems and ups and downs that's why peoples get upset and remain in depression we should keep ourselves busy in life by praying, reading sharing good knowledge. So that our mind should be in diversion condition and keep away from any negatives thoughts
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