The Influence Of Evil Over Man

You can easily overcome evil with the Light of God. Intend Light in the face of the evil and watch it take flight instantaneously.
The Influence of Evil Over Man
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As the new energies of ascension are flooding the Earth, the dark forces are doing their worst to cause untold disturbance in the world as they unleash the negative energies through the gullible and coarse mind-sets.

The evil entities use the undeveloped, unspiritual minds to bring about restlessness in the hearts of others with the intention to steal their light and misuse it to wreak more havoc on Earth. Ignore any kind of provocation directed at you. You must maintain your peace under any situation, as if your life depends on it – and quite rightly so, because your life does

depend upon peace and goodwill. When you ignore all that is not of the light, you are depriving it of your energy, and thus, you render it powerless enough to cause more damage. Counter attack the negativity with the force of the powerful beam of Light from the Heart of God. You will strengthen the force of evil only if you allow it to enter into your mind and let it worry you until it drives you crazy; only if you permit entry into your heart will it rankle and hurt you until you are sick with pain. The intention of the evil forces is to shift you out of the light and into the shadows so that it can effectively empower you and use you to its advantage.

All crimes and corruptions are the handiwork of the evil; these acts are carried out under the provocation and presence of the negative entities using the mind of man as an agent for executing destruction in the world at the physical level. It is the evil intent of the dark ones to enshroud the Earth in eternal darkness for better control over mankind. They are aware that if man rose to spiritual freedom, which would be the end of their existence on Earth, and would be compelled to flee to where they came from.

It would do well

to be on guard constantly. Do not fall into the trap which these unscrupulous beings lay out for you in the guise of offensive situations, hardships and pain. They will use your ordeals to create a sense of hopelessness, anger and frustration so that you continue to suffer your plight with despondency. They will provoke you until you lose your mental equilibrium to render harm to yourself and others. They will hurt and torment you through the nasty behaviour of people around you, and derive greater thrill in harassing you. Leave them alone; take no notice of their evil intentions. Treat these atrocities as filth that is lying on the road, without giving it a second thought, because it indeed is dirt, and you do not want to dirty your hands, dealing with it.

There are many people in the world who take to hurt and pain as obsessions in their lives – they need something to chew upon in their lonely hours, something to play around with during their sleepless nights. The kind of sadism that they portray through such activities only helps in fortifying the force of evil in their beings and world, thus unwittingly inviting more such situations in their lives. The cause of all unhappiness and depression is not in the external world and people around them, but in themselves. Had they used their free will to ignore the hurt and injustices done to them, and lived unfazed by it all, they would be free from all pain and sorrow. The trick is to accept people for the way they are, instead of focussing upon their actions. If you accept all the dirt that they leave behind, it is yours to deal with; but if you reject it, it remains with them, taking with them wherever they go; and with that, you maintain your purity and peace. 

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  • nbillett  21-09-2018
    Evil is always lurking after us to see if it can win us over. If we are on the side of right, evil will bring out all the temptations and false desires to lure us to its side. Evil does not like to lose numbers, it is happy when they gain followers.because that will cripple good side and that is what evil wants most of all.
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